Bimini Shade

Instant shade is available anywhere 

You know how miserable you were  last weekend? 

The party didn't go as well as expected?

Was it eyestrain from all the glare on the water?

Nope, especially with that $60 Bimini Game Club hat and those killer sunglasses that set you back $200!.

Maybe it was from existing all weekend on beer and the Kentucky's chicken?

Nope! It was the sun.- pure and simple. Too much sun can cause all sorts of seemingly unrelated physical and emotional symptoms: It can be exhausting to your body, reduce the quality of your vision, and  help make you seasick. And even if you're not worried about the potential for skin cancer, being pink does not make you cool. 

What you really need, whether on your boat or at your favorite outdoor activity, is shade from the sun.

The Bimini Shade is the only solution to movable shade, and this uniquely designed 6-by-6-foot square umbrella can be used when anchored or even moving at low speeds. The nylon top comes in three colors and has adjustable nylon straps to secure each corner in place, while the center pole and frame are tempered steel with powder-coating to prevent rusting. Best of all, the Bimini Shade can easily be moved ashore to shield you from the sun's rays, the center pole can extend to 8 feet, and stakes can be used to secure the corners. Fits into a compact deluxe fabric carrying case with pocket to secure straps. 

 Sets up  easily with a cam lock to set the pole height and adjustable straps with D-rings that hook on cleats or rails. 

Bimini Shade is a lightweight and versatile alternative to an expensive, permanent custom top with all the hassles, and provides plenty of cool comfort, even on the hottest days. This unique 6' x 6' umbrella can be used on almost any vessel from small fishing boats, flat boats to larger high-performance boats and sailboats. It can be used anywhere on the vessel where sun protection is required.

Only $139.95 includes matching carrying case and includes $15.00 Shipping & Handling.

7071 Bimini Shade Dark Marine Blue with matching storage bag

7072 Bimini Shade Light Marine Blue with matching storage bag

7073 Bimini Shade Marine White with matching storage bag